About Us

Who are we?

We're N1 Vitamins, a new London based company with the mission to help champion both physical and mental wellbeing through the medium of nutrition. We aim to do this by offering premium quality supplements that are both affordable and convenient, helping to reduce some of the complexity when it comes to nutrition and wellbeing. We work to make our customers' lives that bit easier in the pursuit of health and wellness, helping to give peace of mind when it comes to daily nutrition.



Why we started

Jason, Founder

"Nutrition was always be a bit of a struggle for me, so often disregarded due to busy work schedules and socialising.

I became increasingly aware that I wasn't getting a good consistent range of nutrients, and coupling this with the encroaching realisation that I definitely wasn't getting any younger and should start looking after myself, I decided to dive head first into researching nutrition, learning about specific vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, understanding the benefits of each and the impact of deficiencies.

Through this research I learnt the fundamental physical benefits of nutrition, and also, surprisingly, the significant impact that nutrition has on our mental health and wellbeing. With this deeper understanding, and becoming increasingly aware of the growing issue of mental health in the UK, I considered ways that I might be able to help others work towards physical and mental wellness through the medium of nutrition.

With the help of nutritionists and experts, we created our Everyday Tablets with the aim of providing the most comprehensive and convenient multivitamin available. Designed to fit into busy lifestyles and give nutritional peace of mind, our Everyday Tablets are also competitively priced to improve the accessibility of premium supplementation.

In it together

Given the absolute importance of health and wellbeing to each and every one of us, we believe that good, high quality nutritional supplements should be as widely accessible as possible. Therefore, accessibility and affordability are both important pillars on which N1 Vitamins is founded.

We are also committed to minimising our environmental footprint, which is why we use recyclable bottles, biodegradable packaging and are always seeking further ways to be more eco-friendly.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, then feel free to contact us.